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The goal of Pasco PRIDE is to connect, build, and strengthen the LGBTQIA+ Community.  We will foster communication, tolerance, education and mutual support among LGBTQIA+ persons and the allied communities of Pasco County.  Our aim is to provide positive role models in the LGBTQIA+ and allied communities through mutual support and respect. Pasco Pride aspires to be the premier platform for education, acceptance, and entertainment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals as well as their friends, families, and allies. We seek to unite the people of Pasco County to promote the history, diversity, and future prosperity of the LGBTQIA+ Community.


To create an inspiring and dedicated culture of support across our diverse community.  To encourage fellowship and support among participating businesses, professionals, individuals and charitable pursuits in the LGBTQIA+ and allied communities.

Pasco Pride Volunteers
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